"The Trace Delay program will allow you to throw off the authorities and increase your active trace time while hacking. The increased trace time can help you finish a tough mission and later allow you to perform more missions in a single connection. Trace Delay works equally well when you are performing attacks with the Diagnostics Module. The delay charge time is affected by the processors on your system and additional and/or more powerful CPUs will improve the Trace Delay significantly. This program has no effect on passive traces. There is only one version level of this program."

"The Trace Delay program can be run at any time, but it can only be activated while an active trace is in progress. After clicking the Start button, while being traced, a percentage will be displayed at the top and a progress bar at the bottom. These are both tied to the charge time on the Trace Delay program. The bar below the delay percentage will have a needle on it and display a trace time, in seconds, in the middle. As the needle approaches the right side the seconds will increase and decrease towards the left. The needle will also wrap around from right to left and or left to right with the appropriate increase or decrease in trace time. The direction the needle is traveling can be changed by clicking on the arrows on either side of the bar. 

After you start the program, while you are being traced, the program charge will begin to increase. When the Trace Delay program reaches 100 percent charge it will take the trace time displayed on the bar and add it to your total trace time. This will increase the time you have remaining before you are traced by the server administrators. The program can then be restarted during the same trace. The primary goal is to maintain the highest increase possible when the program reaches 100 percent, the Trace Delay can be left to its own devices until around 90 percent, at which point you should begin regulating the needle manually."

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