"Token security checkpoints protect some of the most secure data on servers. The government uses token for their municipal records and many database and research servers protect their records with token security. For this reason it is one of the most difficult securities to crack. Like other cracking software, there are multiple levels of Token Generator or Cracking software and many will have different system requirements."

"When you encounter a token security checkpoint your browser will display a page with the checkpoint in a small box. Drag the token generator program and target the checkpoint. When you click the Activate button a progress bar will display at the bottom. A panel with ABC123 on it will allow you to input characters in order to guess the code. The code is always six digits long and a sequence of alternating letters and numbers (ie A1A1A1). When you enter a letter you will see a message to the right. Bad Codex means that you have guessed incorrectly, press the back arrow and input any characters that were correct again and then guess a different character. Codex Sync means you have guessed that character correctly and you can guess the next character, repeating until you guess the entire six digit code. When you input the entire six digit code you will see the level indicator increase by one and a new code will be generated for you to guess. Entering more codes will increase the speed at which the token progresses. You can use your keyboard to input the codes by clicking on the text box above the character keys in the program window. When the progress bar reaches the end, the security will be cracked and the next page on the server will load."

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