"The Anti-Virus program serves two purposes. It will remove any persistent viruses that it finds on your gateway. In addition to this, it can also be used to provide protection from incoming viruses before they can attach to your gateway."

"When you open the anti-virus program it will scan your gateway for any persistent viruses that may be attached. The quarantine section will indicate if it finds any viruses and clicking on the remove button will remove the virus(es)."

"Many viruses execute instantly and leave no trace on your system. The only way to prevent these viruses from affecting you is to activate the shield functionality of the anti-virus. To do this, you need to change all nine blocks below the HP reading to green. Clicking on one of the blocks will activate a randomizer. If you have chosen correctly, the block will flash white and then be highlighted in green. If you have chosen incorrectly, a random block will flash white and, if it was green, change back to grey or, if it was not green, it will stay grey. There is no known pattern to the program, you must choose the correct block at random. Once you have changed all nine blocks to green, they will all flash and 10 HP will be added to the virus protection. You can continue to complete the blocks to add up to a maximum of 100 HP of protection."

"When a virus script attempts to attack your gateway, it will remove some HP from the anti-virus program. If the program has any HP it will block the activation of both instant and persistent viruses. If the anti-virus has 0 HP, the virus will attach or activate normally."

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