System Apps can be bought at Momo's Software Emprium or on any other server, by Decoding the manager login (With the Decoer) and then going to the merchant services.

System apps consist of many useful tools, not limited to missions.

-File Killer (Deletes a file)

-File Copier (Copies a file)

-File Peeker (Similar to the server scan, but file-specific)

-Server Scan (Scans a server and its content)

-Notepad (The most expensive Document viewer to ever exist)

-Momo's Chatbox (No one uses this)

-Momos MP3 Player (WIP) (More of an Idea, Really)

-Gens Video Player (WIP) (^^^)

-Log Killer (Crucial for not being "Passivly" Traced by deleting log files manually)

-Log Bot (Automates the Log killing process)

-Log Crawler (Deleted certain logs [Your own, if you wish] rather than all of them, like the log bot)

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