"Password cracking or PWC software is usually the first cracker to be added to the arsenal of a new agent, and rightly so, because it is used to bypass the very first security checkpoint on most servers. The high demand for this software helps to keep prices low which is a great benefit to the neophyte hacker. There are multiple version levels of password crackers and a higher version number indicates an increased cracking speed. The astute Codelink agent may take into account the differing CPU, memory and HD requirements when choosing the best version for their current system setup."

"When you encounter a password security checkpoint your browser will display a page with the checkpoint in a small box. Drag the password cracker and target the checkpoint. When you click the Activate button a progress bar will display at the bottom and a series of ones and zeros will scroll across the Active Packet Stream. The progress bar will build slowly but if you click on the ones inside the Active Packet Stream you will see a boost in the progress. Clicking on a zero will cause a reduction in the size of the progress bar. Successfully clicking on the ones will greatly speed up the cracking and when the progress bar reaches the end the security will be cracked and you will be taken to the next page on the server."

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