"Monitor Cracking software can help a Codelink agent in several ways. Monitor security is found protecting some of the employee records on a file server and missions will target these records. It is also found securing the corporate chatroom where agents can have conversations or leave messages for one another. Although public, only agents that are lucky or know where to look are likely to break into the correct chatroom."

"When you encounter a monitor security checkpoint your browser will display a page with the checkpoint in a small box. Drag the monitor cracker and target the checkpoint. When you click the Activate button a progress bar will display at the bottom and the two thin needles inside the bars on the right will begin to move. Clicking the arrows on either side of the bars will allow you to choose the direction the needles move. The program buffer will increase based on how close the needles are to the center of the bars and a higher buffer will cause the program to complete faster. When the progress bar reaches the end the security will be cracked and you will be taken to the next page on the server."

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