"The Batch Compiler will take a DOC file and convert it into a BAT file allowing it to be used by the Diagnostic Module to execute commands. This will allow you to setup attack, repair routines or any other series of commands you may choose."

"To create a batch file you must first create a document (DOC) file with the note pad program. Command line commands can be typed into the text file, each command on its own line. Any number of commands can be inserted one after another and then saved. The command wait:x can also be used where x is the number of seconds of pause you would like before running the next command. "

"Once you have inserted all your commands into the DOC file, you can compile it into a batch (BAT) file for use in the command line by using the batch compiler on it. Drag the Batch Compiler and target the DOC file. Click you can then use the batch command in the Diagnostic Module to run the commands contained in the batch file. If you need to edit the batch file, use the compiler on it again to decompile it back into a DOC file."

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