"Hardware Guardians , usually referred to as Shields by Codelink agents, are programs that protect your system from damage inflicted by server or hacker attacks. While better scripts can make up for a lack of shields, they are vital for attacks on higher level servers and to defend against attacks from other agents. Each Guardian protects one system from damage and you will require a set of four to ensure you are protected. There are several version levels of each shield and higher versions will allow higher boost levels. Some, high level shields, will permit a higher maximum charge."

"When a shield is first run from the memory bar it must be activated by pushing the start button. The shield will begin the start-up process and its progress will be displayed as a percentage. Once the shield is started it will have a protection value equal to half the current hit points of the protected system. The shield will begin at boost level zero and entering the code displayed on the shield correctly will increase the boost level by one. Inputting the code incorrectly will result in a reduction in the boost level of the shield. A shield can have a maximum boost level equal to its version level. Having the shield at a higher boost level will cause it to regenerate faster and all shields have a maximum protection value that they can recharge to. Once a shield is damaged it will begin regenerating again automatically.

When you are attacked the shield will absorb the majority of the damage if it has an adequate charge. A small amount of damage will be dealt to your system and the blocked damage will be taken away from the shield’s charge level. When the charge level of the shield is completely knocked out, any additional damage beyond the shield is dealt to your system and the shield will shut off, leaving your system exposed. The shield can be restarted after a shut down, but it will start at boost level zero again."

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