"The Encryption software, sometimes referred to as decrypter or encryption cracking software, is used to crack encryption security checkpoints and to decrypt encrypted data. Encryption checkpoints are found protecting the corporate archives found on most servers. A high level agent will encounter encrypted data during database and research server searches as well. There are several version levels of this software and higher versions will decrypt data and checkpoints faster. Some version levels will have differing system requirements like most cracking software."

"When you encounter an encryption security checkpoint your browser will display a page with the checkpoint in a small box. Drag the encryption program and target the checkpoint. Encrypted search data will display only short strings of numbers. To decrypt the data into the text you need you must run the encryption program on the data. Targeting the profile or research image is the easiest way to do this. The encryption program will run the same way regardless of what you are using it for. When you click the Activate button a progress bar will display at the bottom. On the left side a series of letters will be displayed. As time passes the letters will flash white. Clicking on a white letter will lock in the encryption code and turn the letter green. Each green letter will increase the program buffer. Continue to lock in the code as green letters to increase the progress of the program. You can complete the program operation by allowing the progress bar to reach the end or by locking in the encryption code by changing all the letters to green. When this occurs you will be taken to the next page on the server or the data will be decrypted for you use for your mission."

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