"Decoder software will allow you to decode the security found on the manager login on a server. This will be frequently encountered in the career of every mid to high level Codelink agent. Breaking into the manager login is required not only for many missions but also to access the log files on most servers. There are several version levels of this software and higher versions will decode faster. Because this is a frequently used cracking software you may want to consider upgrading it before some of the other software while considering the available resources on your system and the requirements of the decoder."

"When you encounter a decoder security checkpoint your browser will display a page with the checkpoint in a small box. Drag the decoder program and target the checkpoint. When you click the Activate button a progress bar will display at the bottom. On the left side a seven digit lock code will be displayed and a series of eight number keys will be shown. As time passes the numbers displayed on the keys will change allowing you to find and type in the lock code displayed. Clicking on the correct number in the sequence, starting from the left will enter that number in the key, clicking on an incorrect number will have no effect. When a complete decoder key is entered, the buffer will increase and a new lock number will be displayed. Continue to enter keys to increase the speed at which the progress bar completes. When the progress bar reaches the end the security will be cracked and you will be taken to the next page on the server."

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