"The Data Editor is used to modify the data contained within files. When an agent reaches the necessary level, data edit missions will be made available and they are more lucrative than copy and delete file missions. Codelink agents will use the data editor for a good portion of their mid to high level career and it is advisable for you to upgrade this program as much as possible. There are several version levels of this program and higher versions will complete their edits faster."

"When you have located the data you would like to edit, drag the Data Editor program and target the file. The file name will be displayed above the text box so you can confirm that you have targeted the correct file. The text box will show the current data value for that file. Type in the value that you require and click the activate button. A progress bar will be displayed at the bottom and the needle in the bar on the right will begin to move. Similar to the monitor program, keeping this needle in the middle by using the arrows on the top and bottom of the bar will increase the buffer and increase the progress speed of the editor. When the progress bar reaches the end the data value of the file will have changed."

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