"The Bank Transfer tool allows you to remove money from bank accounts and transfer it to an account of your choice. Your Codelink agent will remove the money and transfer it to the party who has requested the money, automatically. Like the bank modifier it will not work on personal accounts, only those found on the bank records searches, accessed through the administrator cpanel. There is only one version level of this program and it is found in the Specials section of the shop."

"After the search has located the account you are looking for, drag the Bank Transfer program onto the funds value displayed. The box, inside the program window, at the top on the left will display the current credit balance of the account targeted. To the right of that you should enter the amount you wish to transfer. This will be found in the mission email. The remaining boxes will require the account details of one of your accounts. Because this activity is illegal it would be in your best interest if this account were not directly linked to your gateway ID. In the Bank Domain box you must type the full domain of the bank where the account was created (ie. The Account IP must show the domain of the last bounce on the proxy route you used when you created the account, not the last bounce on your route to the bank you are transferring money from. The Account Name should show the name you used when you created the account and the Account # is the account number you were issued when creating the account. All of these details can be found on your agent panel. The account details text boxes will not clear until you close the transfer tool. When all the transfer details are filled in click the Transfer Funds button. A progress bar will be displayed and the program will operate without input from you. Once the program completes the funds will be transferred."

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